Where Does UK Rank?

UK Athletics maintains a budget that ranks in the midrange of its SEC peers while fielding a 22-sport program, the broadest in the conference. UK Athletics also operates self-sufficiently with no state or university funds.

UK Athletics’ budget, on average, is 3.9 percent of the overall budget for the University. The Athletics Department has shown its commitment to a strong partnership with the University by contributing over $100 million in scholarships, indirect royalties and expenses to the University over the past decade. Over a quarter of UK Athletics budget is spent back on campus through paying the full rate of an estimated 340 (in-state & out-of-state) scholarships, a University assessment fee and all costs of maintaining athletic facilities.

Budget Comparison in the SEC

UK Athletics Budget Comparison

  • $90+M:  Alabama, Auburn, Florida, LSU, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia
  • <$90M*:  Arkansas, Mississippi State, Missouri, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt

*The reported budget numbers for SEC schools may not represent foundation budgets within their respective universities.  The University of Kentucky is the only school in the SEC that does not have a foundation.