Parking Permit Information

2016 Football Parking Permit Pricing

2016 parking smallYour 2016 season ticket renewal will include the same parking pass or passes you had for the 2015 season. There will be NO reallocation of parking for the 2016 season. The parking reallocation process will take place again for the 2017 season.

The cost of the season parking permits are as follows:

  • Parking Lots – $280
  • Parking Structures – $168
  • RV Permits – $700

Annual K Fund donations have been added to most parking lots this year. These donations are tax deductible and will allow permit holders to accumulate additional K Fund points. As with all K Fund donations, they allow us to provide scholarships, academic support, facilities and administrative support that our students deserve during their years of working tirelessly to win championships for UK.

If you would like to request a different lot, please note the change you would like to make on your Season Ticket Renewal, email us at, or call the K Fund office at (859) 257-6300 no later than APRIL 13. After MAY 1 requests for parking changes will be filled in order of your K Fund priority rank.  We will do everything we can to accommodate as many requests as possible.

How Do I Get A Parking Pass?

We are currently sold out of parking passes.  However, if you wish to get on the parking pass waiting list, you can contact us via phone at (859) 257-6300 or email ( The parking pass waiting list is based off priority points. Due to ongoing construction, we do not anticipate any new parking permits being available for the 2017 season, although plenty of visitor parking and shuttle options do exist.

Reserved Parking

For the first time this year, there will be an exclusive area for NUMBERED RESERVED PARKING spaces available in the Blue, Green and Red lots. Those permit holders will have a specific parking space reserved for each game. These spaces will require a $3,000 donation in addition to the cost of the season parking permit.

The Blue VIP and Red VIP options will still be available. The VIP lots offer a guaranteed space within the VIP section of each lot, regardless of your arrival time; however the spaces are not individually numbered. These spaces will continue to require a $2,500 donation in addition to the cost of the season parking permit. If you purchased a VIP Parking permit last year, it will be included on your renewal. Please let us know if you do not wish to renew the VIP Parking permit.

If you are interested in purchasing a Numbered Reserved space or a VIP permit, please make that request on your Season Ticket Renewal, email us at, or call us at (859) 257-6300.

Parking Rules & Regulations

  • Lots are reserved up to one hour before kickoff.  During the one-hour period to kickoff, lots will be filled according to availability.  If your designated lot is full upon arrival, you will be directed to the next available lot.  *Unless you have purchased a VIP or Reserved spot.
  • Display your hangtag at ALL times.
  • Detach your parking ticket stub at the bottom of the hangtag and present to the parking attendants as you enter the lot.  Everyone must present a ticket to enter.
  • Lots are reserved, spaces are not.  One Pass, One Vehicle, One Space. *Unless you have purchased a VIP or Reserved spot.
  • Spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • No open alcoholic containers are permitted at Commonwealth Stadium.
  • UK is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Any scalping above face value, duplication, or misuse of a permit may result in loss of parking privileges.
  • If you bring a trailer into one of the paved lots you must have a permit for the entire area you take up.  For example, if you have an SUV with a trailer in the Blue Lot you must have 2 permits or you will not be admitted into the lot.
  • RVs, or any other vehicle larger than a standard size parking space, must have an RV pass to park in the RV Lot.  RVs, or any other vehicle larger than a standard size parking space are not permitted to park in non-RV lots.
  • If you have a disabled permit, you must have proof on file with UK Athletics, a state issued disabled parking placard issued in your name.

RV Lot

Reserved RV Pass Holders
We will be re-assigning the RV Passes for the 2016 season. If you own an RV pass you will be contacted by a K Fund representative and given options on locations within the current lot based on K Fund Point Priority.

Non-Reserved RV Regulations
RV’s without permits may park in the non-reserved (limited availability) lot located on Virginia Avenue between South Limestone and Press Avenue.  The Virginia Avenue RV Lot is the primary Non-Reserved RV lot that accommodates approximately 30 RV’s and is first-come, first-served basis. The non-reserved lot opens prior to game day at 6:00pm but note there are no RV hookups for this lot. .  Please do not park in any University lots designated for RV’s until 6:00pm on Friday evening prior to game day.  This lot is free of charge and there is a campus shuttle that picks up on Nicholasville Road, in front of the Kentucky Clinic.  Guests parking in the Virginia Ave. RV Lot may walk east on Virginia Ave. to access the UK Football Express – Campus Shuttle.

Disabled Parking Permits

Reserved Disabled Parking
To purchase/renew a disabled parking pass for the Football Season one must provide a copy of your state issued disabled parking placard and/or copy of your registration receipt for disabled parking issued by your county clerk’s office or transportation cabinet.  Reserved Disabled Parking Permits are limited, therefore, a wait list is utilized via the priority point system based on availability.  To be placed on the wait list for Reserved Disabled Parking Permits please email

If you are a current permit holder and no longer require disabled parking for home football games, or do not have the proper documentation to provide, please notify the K Fund and we will assign parking to you in a non-disabled lot.  Please contact the K Fund at (859) 257-6300 or email if you have any questions or concerns.

Non-Reserved Disabled Parking
Non-reserved disabled lot is located at the corner of University Drive and Farm Road. Capacity for 120 vehicles ($30/vehicle), first-come-first-served until lot is full.  Once the Non-Reserved Disabled lot is full, guests will be directed to park in parking structures 2 or 6.  A shuttle is provided and begins two hours before kickoff.  Pick up is located in the Non-Reserved Disabled lot with the drop off point at Gate 9.  Return shuttles begin at the end of the 3rd quarter and continue until 30 minutes after the end of the game.  A disabled guest golf cart shuttle is available from Gate 9 to any other gate outside of Commonwealth Stadium.

Single-Game Parking Options

UK Athletics offers first-come, first-serve single game parking, including non-reserved lots for RVs and those needing accessible parking. Please visit for information about single-game parking options, shuttle information, and traffic maps. We encourage fans to take advantage of the free parking opportunities throughout the campus on football gamedays.

MEN’S BASKETBALL Permit Information

To be eligible for a Rupp Arena season parking pass, you must be at the “Champion” member level or above within the K Fund. Please refer to “Levels of Giving / Benefits” for more information regarding K Fund member levels.


Parking Permits are classified as a “ticket” and are part of the sporting event, therefore, parking permits are subject to UK Athletics Scalping Policy.